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Is Rajamouli Really Bad At Comedy?

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Is Rajamouli Really Bad At Comedy?

Ace Telugu film director SS Rajamouli has cracked a satire on himself branding him a director who can’t film comedy scenes.

During the audio release function of ‘Jyo Achuthananda’, inviting Rajamoli on to the dais, anchor Suma started praising him as the director who won’t let audiences get out of seats even for popcorn, pan-India director etc. Rajamouli then satirically added ‘a director who can’t film comedy scenes’ to Suma’s appraising words. How much was Rajamouli correct in calling him weak in comedy?

If we look at the filmography of Rajamouli, they are not devoid of comedy. The sequences involving Venu Madhav in ‘Sye’ and ‘Chathrapathri’ are sheer examples of his comedy timing. For that matter, ‘Maryada Ramanna’ starring Sunil was an out an out comedy. As Rajamouli’s films are high on action, sentiment and emotions, comedy is often overshadowed but it has always been present in all of his films, ‘Magadheera’ and ‘Baahubali’ are exceptions though.

The case with Rajamouli is he can film comedy scenes but he gives more importance to action and emotional sequences with a pinch of comedy quotient. Adding too much comedy can dilute the emotional content in his films and who knows it better than himself.

Rajamouli might feel he is weak at comedy but his fans don’t.

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