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Rajamouli Baahubali 2 Leak Screenplay To Beat 2.0!

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Rajamouli Baahubali 2 Leak Screenplay To Beat 2.0!

Last couple of days, everyone in Telugu film circles is seen discussing sensationally on ‘Bahubali 2’ leaked 9 minutes scene inclusive of war footage. To everyone’s surprise, a different interpretation is given to the whole episode by a section of creative brains in Telugu industry putting this as just a creative marketing stint played under the screenplay of director SS Rajamouli.

Meanwhile, Super Star Rajinikanth ‘2.0’ has become a subject with National wide show for its captivating first look posters and speeches from Rajini, Akshay Kumar, AR Rahman and Shankar during the held event. May it be budget or technical excellence or a probable game changer for Indian cinema; euphoria around ‘2.0’ has easily broke ‘Bahubali 2’ publicity buzz by miles grabbing the attention from many parts of the world.

When two high budgeted projects competing on a higher level platform, comparisons are easy to be drawn. According to inner reports, producer Shobu Yarlagadda and Rajamouli are said to be the brains behind leak fiasco played safely just to bring the attention back on ‘Bahubali 2’ from ‘2.0.’

Right from filing the case with Cyber Crime Police or nabbing a technician from Annapurna Studios VFX team, no where one can sense bellicose behavior from producers. They were as cool as cucumber showing off as if nothing happened. Since the clipping is with unfinished VFX, they aren’t worried much. Yet, a producer has to necessarily protest against such leaks which ‘Bahubali 2’ producers hasn’t done giving rise to several doubts. So, here comes the doubtful question…they does it deliberately to beat ‘2.0’ heat spread evenly in Indian film market. Kabhi Kabhi… Criminal Brain Use Karna Padtha Hai…

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