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Priyanka Chopra on ‘No Pregnancy’ contract!

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Priyanka Chopra on ‘No Pregnancy’ contract!

Priyanka Chopra is now a global icon after her American TV serial “Quantico’ got her immense popularity. She is portraying the powerful character Alex Parish.

PeeCee is emotionally stronger woman and believes most beautiful thing god has bestowed on women is motherhood. But, to her surprise a big corporation asked PeeCee to sign a contract with clause “No Pregnancy” during the contract period.

PeeCee shared the incident with Barkha Dutt recently not spilling the corporation name or other details. Here is what she said and did.

She revealed, “I was signing a contract for a big corporation a couple of years ago, and a clause there said that they could terminate it if I get pregnant. I was livid. How could you tell me I could not get pregnant? Not sick, not overweight, just pregnant! Their logic was that I would not be able to deliver the project on time. I was fine with working when I am pregnant. We had a big argument over it. I said ‘Alright, if I can’t deliver when I am pregnant, you have the right to terminate my contract. If I can deliver, and you don’t want me to, then I have the right to terminate.”

Way to go PeeCee!!!

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