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After Mahesh Babu, Pawan Kalyan Responds

After Mahesh Babu, Pawan Kalyan Responds

After Mahesh Babu, Pawan Kalyan Responds

After Mahesh Babu raised his voice in support of ‘Jallikattu’ movement in Tamil Nadu, calling the sport the spirit of Tamil people, Jana Sena founder Pawan Kalyan has also joined the chorus of ‘Jallikattu’. Unlike other celebs, Pawan has provided a detailed presentation of his point of view on the Supreme Court ban on Jallikattu and questioned why the same animal cruelty laws are not being levied on Indian beef and poultry businesses.

Besides, Jallikattu, Pawan also highlighted the issue of ‘Kodipandem’ (Cock Fighting) ban in the Telugu states and termed the ban an attack on the culture and traditions of south people.

“BAN on ‘Jallikattu’ & ‘Kodipandem’ by Govt of India is an Attack on Dravida Culture and its integrity. This is how it is being viewed in Dakshin Hindustan. I had observed this ‘deep hurt’ in people of ‘Dakshin Bharat’ while I was shooting in Pollachi (Tamil Nadu) and during my political interactions in Andhra about the Ban of their respective cultural events in recent times,” Pawan tweeted.

He also put up the statistical data of Indian beef and poultry business and questioned the Supreme Court on why the slaughtering of animals doesn’t come under ‘Animal Cruelty’ when traditional ‘animal’ sports are banned by labeling them as ‘Animal Cruelty’.

“Govt of India, cited ‘Animal Cruelty’ as the reason for the ban of ‘Jallikattu and Kodipandem’ If we truly consider this puritanical approach then, we have to examine the statistics of Indian Beef export & Indian Poultry industry.

India is the largest exporter of Beef in the world. 2.4 million tonnes of Beef & Veal exported by India in 2015, where as Brazil and Australia could export only 2 And 1.5 million tonnes. And Beef export fetches almost $5 Billion with 14 percent growth rate every year. And interestingly, these top Beef exporting firms are owned by ‘HINDUS’ and not Muslims.

Imagine how many Cows, Calves and Buffaloes should be slaughtered to get 2.4 million tonnes of Beef. How come this kind of slaughtering does not attract Animal Cruelty? just because we don’t see it !! Why the Animal cruelty act applied only to Jallikattu, where the animals getting injured or killed is insignificant when compared to the amount of animals that had to be slaughtered for business,” tweeted the Jana Sena Chief.

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