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Khaidi 150 Live Updates

Khaidi 150 Live Updates

Khaidi 150 Live Updates

  • Climax done. It’s Chiranjeevi show all the way in the proceedings. Keep watching 123Telugu for the complete movie review.

  • A heavy duty climax fight is on now..

  • With some intense scenes coming on, movie heading towards the climax.

  • A highly emotional scene is being showcased now where Chiru gives a huge speech about farmers. Chiru’s dialogues are superb here..

  • Surprising thing in the song is Mega power star Ram Charan’s appearance. His dance moves with Chiru are superb..

  • And it’s time for the super hit Ammadu Let’s Do Kummudu song. Chiranjeevi makes it enjoyable with his awesome dance moves..

  • Director VV Vinayak appeared in a very short cameo..

  • And here comes mega brother Nagababu as a judge. Some court room scenes are on now..

  • It’s time for a fight scene. The concept of this fight scene is different and is shot well..

  • Jaya Prakash Reddy makes an entry in a comic role. He is doing a good job..

  • Time for the romantic song, You and Me. Locations are awesome and so as the lead pair..

  • Post interval, Posani just made an entry. Some comedy scenes are on now..

  • Half Time Report : Khaidi No 150 first half is good with some entertaining elements. The emotional part of the story, Chiru’s comedy timing and dance moves are the highlights of this part.

  • With a very good fight scene and some good dialogues from Chiru, movie reaches to half time. Interval now..

  • It’s time for a heavy duty fight sequence.. Background score is good..

  • Movie takes an emotional turn now.. Time for the background song Neeru Neeru..

  • The core story of the film has just began..

  • Chiranjeevi (First character Seenu) meets with villain. This scene is enjoyable with good comedy and dialogues..

  • Time for the second song, Sundari. Locations are good..

  • Villain Tarun Arora just made an entry..

  • Brahmanandam makes an entry here.. Time for some comedy scenes now..

  • Chiru plays a dual role in the film. The second character has just entered..

  • Kajal makes a simple entry in the proceedings..

  • And it’s time for the item song, Rathaalu.. Chiru dance moves are so good and Laxmi Raai too impresses..

  • Comedian Ali makes an entry now..

  • Some scenes featuring jail staff and Chiru are on now..

  • Here comes Megastar Chiranjeevi.. He makes a superb entry as a prisoner in jail..

  • Movie starts off as titles rolls on..

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