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Gautamiputra Satakarni dialogue is totally wrong!


Gautamiputra Satakarni dialogue is totally wrong!

It was the teaser first which established dialogues as the USP of ‘Gautamiputra Satakarni‘.  The ‘Samayam ledu mitrama..’ line has become a rage.  After Balakrishna revealed a particular line speaking at the audio function, dialogue writer Sai Madhav Burra has come to see it as his favourite line from the movie.  Here it goes:

‘Vellu vellu.. Ee prapanchaniki naa mataga cheppu.  Ee desham ummadi kutumbam.  Gadhiki gadhiki madhya godaluntai, godavaluntai..  Ee illu nadante nadi ani kottukuntam.  Kani evado vacchi naa illu ante yegaresi thantham..  Sarihaddu lo ne meeku oka smashanam nirmistham.. Mee mondale meeda maa jhandalu yegarestham’.

Translation:  “Go, tell the world as my word.  This country is a joint family. There may exist walls, quarrels between rooms.  We may fight amongst us for control over the house.  But if an alien lays claim (on our house), we will kick him out.  We will build you a graveyard on the very border.  We will hoist our flags on your skulls.”

This high-sounding dialogue may reflect the legendary Satavahana Emperor’s ideology and valour, but time, unfortunately, didn’t prove him right.

In the climax of ‘Rudrama Devi’, Anushka, the actress who played the titular role, speaks of the lack of unity at a time when aliens are out to invade Bharath.  The ‘GPSK‘ line, however, suggests the opposite.

Any well-read student of history will tell you that lack of unity among Indian chiefs made the task of alien invaders easy.  But for that, we would have protected our territorial integrity over the centuries.

Below is an excerpt from a speech made by the learned Dr. BR Ambedkar to the Constituent Assembly, on Nov 25th, 1949.  It clearly shows examples of how our lack of unity became our enemies’ advantage from time to time.

“In the invasion of Sindh by Mahommed-Bin-Kasim, the military commanders of King Dahar accepted bribes from the agents of Mahommed-Bin-Kasim and refused to fight on the side of their King. It was Jaichand who invited Mahommed Gohri to invade India and fight against Prithvi Raj and promised him the help of himself and the Solanki Kings. When Shivaji was fighting for the liberation of Hindus, the other Maratha noblemen and the Rajput Kings were fighting the battle on the side of Moghul Emperors. When the British were trying to destroy the Sikh Rulers, Gulab Singh, their principal commander sat silent and did not help to save the Sikh Kingdom.”

Further, even an Intermediate student knows how the Britishers successfully pursued Divide and Rule policy in subjugating Indians.

Given these facts, Balakrishna’s dialogue, while giving goosebumps, doesn’t carry weight!

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