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Denies Copy Rumours, Says GPSK is Telugu Jathi Gouravam



Denies Copy Rumours, Says GPSK is Telugu Jathi Gouravam

Everything was going as per the plan for the team of Gautamiputra Satakarni until a rude shock came in the form of few baseless rumours. Few rumours started circulating that few visuals and few tunes of GPSK have been inspired from Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s epic historical romance Bajirao Mastani.

Reacting high on those reports, director Krish got emotional and denied all those “copy” rumours. He called GPSK as “Telugu Jathi Gouravam” (Telugu Pride) and said it’s unfair for few to spread rurmours that it is copied from a Hindi film that has no connection in any manner.

At a time when Telugu director is attempting to make all Telugus proud and working hard, few Telugus trying to pull him down is unfair, added a source in the unite who also quashed all such gossips.

While GPSK is based on Satavahana ruler Satakarni and Bajirao Mastani is about Bajirao. They both have no match at all. And visuals copying from them is baseless.

Meanwhile, Krish reasoned that there is a great hardwork behind the film and that alone is the reason behind film being wrapped up quickly without compromising on the quality.

Krish said people have been working round the clock to make the film in record time. Three teams have been working in three shifts for the high-quality Visual Effects.

In order to bring authenticity, the film is shot in the picturesque locales in North Africa and along the border of Russia where top Hollywood films were shot earlier.


Gautamiputra Satakarni has four battle sequences which have been shot in four primary locations and few other locations. Apparently, major portion of the film will showcase war.

Since the story is about India’s mightiest warrior Satakarni, there are close to 1000 Satavahana and Greek soldiers who will be battling with 200 horses, camels and 20 chariots in the scenic locations of Mount Kazbek in Georgia.. A massive naval battle will also be shown in the film.


Krish shot the film in the picturesque locations of Morocco and Georgia,  In India, Hyderabad and Maheshwar in Madhya Pradesh will be showcased in the film.

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